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Smart Steps

Smart Steps is an Insights solution that uses anonymous and aggregated mobile data to help organizations make better business decisions based on actual behaviour.


Smart Steps processes the “Big Data” created by the mobile network then analyses trends and patterns within e data to help understand more about consumer behaviour including:

  • Who?

    Demographic Segmentation

  • Where?

    Destination Home / Work

  • When?

    Point in time seasonal trend

  • Why?

    Frequency trip purpose

  • How?

    Route Mode Of Transport

What data do we use?

Smart Steps uses anonymised and aggregated mobile network data from our operating brands across a number of territories, processing billions events per day.

Unlike traditional data capture methods based on occasional samples, modeled or claimed behavior, Smart Steps observes real behavior based on billions of mobile events that occur on Telefonica mobile network 24/7 365 days a year. The data is extrapolated to provide insight representative of the total population in each area. Smart Steps have over one year of data stored, allowing us to identify trends and patterns over time.

The movement data is enriched with demographic and behaviour information and includes socio-demographic, home and work location, visitor reasons information, mode of transport, affluence, life stage and other attributes allowing sophisticated profiling and segmentation. This enables businesses to segment the data to only evaluate the movement of their target populations and to add valuable attributes to the Insights.